Like Muskies, Northern Pike feed on the vast population of Shad and Lake Herring on Eagle Lake, producing quality fish. These fierce fish average from 25 inches to 36 inches in length, but many caught on Eagle Lake are 40+ inches and can weight up to 20#. As a distinct predator, its large eyes sit high on its broad head, and have a large mouth with many razor sharp teeth. This fish has a row of tiny pores under its lower jaw, which usually amounts to 5 on each side, never exceeding 11. This is the most definite key characteristic to use in differentiating between a Northern Pike and a Muskie.

The best technique for fishing Northern Pike is to cast for them using various types of spoons. In early spring and late fall, trolling with crank baits is popular. They spawn in early spring when water temperatures warm into the upper 40’s. Pike settle into the weed beds of shallow bays in the late spring into summer to find cover and abundant prey. They can also be caught in deep waters, usually caught while jigging for walleye, and on sand bars. In fall these fish move from the weed beds to deep water and rocky points where they forage for the winter months.

Fishing for Pike is open all year round on Eagle Lake. Currently no fish 27 ½ to 35 ½ can be kept.

Check out our tackle and equipment recommendations below from our fishing guide Matt.

There is nothing particular for pike except the need for wire leaders to keep those teeth from cutting the line during battle. Any type of moving baits will get smashed. Spinnerbaits, Mepps inline spinnerbaits, jerkbaits and crankbaits will all produce. However they are just as likely to hit a jig and worm or minnow, They literally eat anything.