Main Lodge - Vintage 2012

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." -Julia Child

We love to eat at Eagle Lake Island Lodge and we especially enjoy good food.  With Dolly Buth working the kitchen for many years we have great recipes that will stretch your belt.  We take pride in our food and we know you won't leave hungry. 

Example Breakfast - eggs and bacon, waffles and sausage, ham and eggs, and the coffee is always on. 

Lunch - We make sure each group gets atleast one shore lunch during their stay.  We take care of the shorelunch back on the island so you just have to worry about catching fish.  Other days we send our guests with a great bagged lunch.

The nightly entrees include but aren't limited too - Prime Rib, New York Strip, Ribs, Lasgna, Pork Chops, Fresh Walleye / Northern, Half Chickens.  

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Solve all the world's problems while overlooking the best fishing in Ontario in our newly renovated Main Lodge.

Main Lodge

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